Ergo Office

Ergo office, in venture with high esteam companies like VITRA, KNOLL, TECNO, NEW FORM UFFICE, QUADRIFOGLIO, POLFLEX ITALIA and many others manufacture high quality office furniture. Armed with research, cooperation with worldwide distinguished designers and 30 years of experience Ergo office supplier’s products spread the passion for office furniture that emphasize durability, esthetics and cost competitiveness. Design drawings are made of all proposed office layouts ensuring that all furniture and seating is placed to optimize the space and that it is fit for its required purpose.

Office furniture, partition walls, filing systems, and customer made furniture solutions have satisfied the practical, ergonomically and esthetic demands of thousands of users all around the world. Private and public buildings all over the world are furnished with these outstanding products.

It is not accidental that since 2009 Ergo’s Main Manufacturer Partner is the exclusive supplier of office furniture for all Services of the European Commission in a global scale.

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Agiou Nikolaou 41-49, Nimeli Court
Block B, 2nd floor, 2408 Egkomi
P.O. Box 26774, 1647 Nicosia Cyprus